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Dellow Day Centre

Client: Providence Row

Architect: Featherstone Young

Project cost: £475,000

The Dellow Day Centre in east London supports homeless people and provides essential services such as food, clothing and showers. On a constrained infill site, we helped construct a new building for a laundry, clothes store, archive, storage, activity space and art room.

Because of its complex history and previous buildings on the land, the site investigation highlighted a number of challenges including old foundations. As a result, the design was changed from a lightweight, braced steel frame with piled-raft foundations to deep-strip foundations which could accommodate unexpected obstructions. We worked closely with the main contractor to ensure that these were installed safely.

A steel frame was chosen as the best material to meet the tight programme on site as well as satisfying the architectural aspirations for the superstructure to be a light and flexible space with large rooflights and glazing elements. The floors are formed from lightweight timber joists with a ply deck to keep the overall weight of the building to a minimum while also providing a stiff diaphragm and floor for the office and general purpose spaces.


Photographs: © Tim Brotherton


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